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7 Kitchen Cleaning Hacks For Busy Homeowners

Posted by admin on Dec 14th, 2021

Things can get pretty messy while cooking a meal. Food crumbs and residues fall on the floor, and grease stains on the walls and furniture get bigger. Keeping this special room clean should be your priority, not only for the aesthetics but also for everyone’s health.

Cleaning in a dirty kitchen can have many dangerous consequences like foodborne illnesses caused by pathogens like salmonella, leading to hospitalization. If you want to stay safe and avoid creating an unhealthy environment for your family, follow these effective kitchen cleaning steps.

Dust-Off All The Surfaces

Most of the time, you might only pay attention to surfaces inside your visual field and forget about the ones that are way up high, such as fridge tops, or closest to the ground, like the bottom part of your oven. 

Make sure to dust off all the surfaces in your kitchen from top to bottom using a cloth or duster; this way, if the dirt falls onto the next nearest surface, you’ll wipe it away and so on.

Clean & Clear Your Counters

With all the action in the kitchen, things may get out of place and start cluttering your counters. Begin in one corner of the counter, and remove everything that doesn’t belong there. To avoid getting distracted by every item you remove, put them all in a basket at once to thoroughly wipe your counter and then continue to place them where they belong after all the kitchen is completely clean.

Don’t Forget High-Touch Surfaces & Items

It’s no lie that when you cook, your hands are covered with all types of food residues, liquids, and anything else you use during the process, and even though you wipe your hands frequently, you still touch surfaces such as the fridge door and the salt shaker. 

Wiping down your bottles, shakers, door handles, and containers are ideal for keeping grease and other substances from staining and damaging these surfaces. It also prevents bacteria and germs from growing and becoming a threat to your health.

Scrub Down The Stove & Ovens

Stoves, ovens, microwaves, and air-fryers are usually kitchen appliances that have more exposure to food stains and residues. The inside and outside can be scrubbed down with greaseproof liquid soap and a sponge. If food crusts are too hard to remove, you can let the liquid soap soak in with some baking soda for 15 minutes and then try scrubbing it off.

Keep in mind that microwaves and air fryers are electrical, so make sure to have them unplugged before beginning the cleaning process, and don’t let any water or other liquids touch any of the electrical parts.

Deep Clean Your Sink

Deep cleaning your sink is easier than you think. First, you have to rinse it out and use a scrubbing cleanser, making sure to address nooks and crannies with a cleaning brush. Remember to scrub your faucet, sponge holders, or soap dishes as well. Rinse everything one more time and finish by filling your sink with hot water and adding bleach or baking soda to the water. Let it sit for some minutes and drain.

If you own garbage disposal and want to keep it smelling good, you can naturally add lemons, oranges, or any other citrus to the drain and run the disposal with the water running. This is a more eco-friendly alternative than using artificially scented cleaners.

Sweep, Vacuum, & Mop

Sweep your kitchen floor with a broom to pick up all the larger crumbs and debris that end up after cooking a meal. This gathers up, especially near your cabinet toe kicks. Make sure to stick your broom under the fridge and oven, too; for better results, you can move them to clean under. Use a vacuum cleaner to get the dust and dirt that you weren’t able to pick up with the broom and follow it up with a thorough mopping to get at dirt and grime.

Empty & Wipe Your Garbage Bin

To avoid any unpleasant smells from rotting food, taking out your trash isn’t enough. You must thoroughly clean your garbage can. You can vacuum any food crumbs left at the bottom and wipe it with a disinfecting wipe or wash it with disinfecting soap. Whichever turns out the best for you.

Do You Need A Deeper Cleaning?

These tips are very effective and useful; however, if your kitchen needs a deeper cleanse, you can always contact professional cleaning services in San Fernando Valley, such as Milan Cleaning Services. 

We understand that deep kitchen cleaning can be overwhelming, especially if you’re on your own and don’t have the necessary tools to do it. Our detailed and service-oriented professional cleaning services will ensure you a spotless and odorless kitchen while respecting your home privacy. 

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