10 Minute Quick Clean in Your Home or Office


Who has dedicated a whole Saturday to house or office cleaning? It is exhausting, it becomes an ordeal, and what is worse, it does not work. We have the solution: do it little by little. Start by dividing your house or office into zones and establish new routines. So, if you dedicate 10 minutes every day (yes, only 10 minutes! then you can have more free time and save the deep cleaning for us - your trusted Los Angeles cleaning crew!


Start at night

Start a nightly routine: pick up before going to sleep or heading home for the day. It is a commitment that will allow you to start the next day on the right foot. And most importantly, focus on the kitchen. Leave it clean and in orderly. Pick up the table, fill and start the dishwasher and leave the countertop clear. You will appreciate it in the morning.


Quick Morning Routine

Start each morning with a clean house before you walk out of the door. Make the bed, review the bathroom after the shower and, if necessary, take the opportunity to put the washing machine in a short cycle. It seems a lot, but ten minutes each morning will save you the hassle at night or on the weekends.


Divide and Conquer

Divide the cleaning between house or office zones. We propose four, but you can organize as you wish. In the house they can be, kitchen and laundry; hall, lounge and dining room; bedrooms and bathroom; and children's bedrooms and study. In the office they can be, common area and entry; personal desk and office; kitchen area; and conference room. The idea is to allocate a few minutes to pick up in each area. The plan is that every day you dedicate only 10-20 minutes to clean. Save the weekends for a deep clean that you can schedule weekly or monthly through our scheduling link.


Control the time

Set an alarm to control the time you are devoting to a task, it will help you overcome the excess of perfectionism. When the timer rings, you leave everything and tomorrow you will continue.


Keep Calm, and Clean On

It is important that cleaning and organizing is not an ordeal. Play music and get into a rhythm slowly but surely. If you do not finish today, you will continue tomorrow where you left it. If you find that cleaning is a constant stress inducer, it’s best to hire someone to help out.


Everything Needs A Place

As order and cleanliness always go hand in hand, you first need to have the cabinets well organized. If not, prepare an attack plan and spend at least 10 minutes a day until you achieve it. Assign bins, cabinets, and areas for each item in your house or office. Once everything has a place, it will be easier to keep the home or office organized

 These 10-20 minutes a day can go a long way in keeping your home or office neat and orderly. No one (except us) wants to spend their weekend cleaning!

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Mary Wilcox