Back to School Ready with an Organized Homework Corner

Back to School Ready - Organized Homework Corner

It has been recommended by psychologists, teachers, and school counselors for years; children need a study space.  Making a good space for children is easy and inexpensive.  With some planning, budgeting, and encouragement, you can put together, and keep running, a properly organized homework corner for your children.  This is important for not just your little ones but your high-school age kids as well.


First, you need a desk.  Make sure the top space has enough room for a book, and a computer, and writing space.  If you have a spare corner, get a corner desk.  Maximize any inch of space available.  If you have space for or can afford to, get a desk with storage and drawers.  You can get a new one, take a hand-me-down, or shop local up-cycle stores.


The next item of importance is lighting.  This is an item that should be a priority in planning and price.  You need a light that will cover the entirety of the desk.  There is a lot going on a homework desk, so thorough lighting is critical.  Shop discount stores for a light with good wattage.


Next is the supply chain.  You can use any type of container for pens, pencils, and highlighters.  If you have drawers, use a cutlery organizer.  If you only have desktop space, use a cute cup from an inexpensive shop.

Any storage is acceptable as long as it allows for organization and a clear workspace.  Try to buy things that can be put away if space allows.  This uses less desk space and reduces the number the things you have to dust, (always a plus!)


Storage is key to keeping the study desk organized.  If you have the space for a desk with drawers and doors, make sure there is a place for everything.  If you have file drawers use file hangers and mark each one for each subject and any other necessary categories.  If you have shelf space, you can use desk top file organizers. Mark them for subjects, works in progress, and anything that needs special attention.


Pinboards, chalkboards, and calendars are great for organization and reminders.  Keeping the main desk surface free of items works best; so try to get any of these things in wall form.  There are some "DO NOT" rules for the study area.

Do not provide a charging station.  Phones, music sources, and electronic devices are distractions. 

Do not get a desk with a cup holder and do not buy snack canisters for the desk.  Keeping the focus on studying and lowering the distraction factors will keep the space study oriented.


Finally, let your children personalize the space.  Let them choose the colors of the organizing implements, paper clips, and funky staplers.  Letting them invest in their space encourages care for the space and an interest in what is going on at the desk. Homework!

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