Appreciate Mom Year-Round! Give the Gift that Keeps on Cleaning…

Mothers Day Gifts

You have seen them, you know, the commercials with the mom coming home to a countertop covered in food bacteria, plungers, and wet diapered bottoms. Or the one that has the mom grabbing a bottle of a strong household/laundry cleaning product to scrub things which shall not be named.  And then there's the one wherein she comes down from a lovely Mother's Day breakfast of burned toast to a kitchen that looks like it was hit by a filth tornado.

This is a very realistic depiction of the life of a mother. She is on deck and on duty 24/7.  There is not an errand beneath her.  There is not a game that went without a pair of cleats, (even though you forgot them at home...after she reminded you six times to put them in your soccer bag.)
There is not a runny flu nose that went tissue-less.  There was nothing, too gross for her to clean.

The average woman spends one and one-half years of her life cleaning.

That is 13,140 hours.

Those are hours she could be doing things for herself, but instead, she is doing that which gives her the most joy - caring for her family.  Every day should be your mother's day.

This actual Mother's Day, turn the tables and give her the gift that will keep on cleaning.  A gift certificate for a Deep Cleaning is an ideal treat, a cleaning that cleans every crack, every crevice, and every corner.  She will only have to do touch-ups for a few months.  If you want to really treat her, give her a year of cleaning.  Gift certificates for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning services are a perfect gift for Mother's Day.  If you want to give her a gift that returns the love in full, go for an entire one year and a half.  That would be 13,140 hours of clean that she does not have to provide.

This crazy life of endless cleaning begins the day you are born and continues until she is too old to lift a broom.  And odds are, even if it hurts, she will still try to clean up after the ones she loves.  And odds are she will do it with a smile on her face.  It is not a job, it is her life. She would do it again in a heartbeat.

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