Cleaning Tips and Tricks for the Summer Months

Cleaning for summer

The summer is typically one of the busiest times in any home, especially if you have children. Once again we continue advising you with various cleaning tips that you may not even know and that will be very useful in cleaning the home. In between visits from a professional cleaner, you might want to consider some of these tips for summer organization.

Ventilating your home

Summer is the best time to organize. The first of our cleaning tips is to ventilate your home before the start of general cleaning. Opening all windows, between light and air, is something that during the winter, we do in less time. For this reason, you have to take advantage of the good weather so that the whole house is ventilated while you organize step by step following our process to follow in the cleaning of the home.

Avoid cross-contamination

This type of contamination occurs when you use the same cloth to clean different areas (kitchen and bathroom) or when using the same dish for different purposes. It is crucial to clean the chopping board as a method of prevention because here unintentionally accumulate the various remains of meat, fish or vegetables. If you add to this heat factor, this would be the ideal place for bacteria to reproduce and they could contaminate your dinner.

Cleaning the walls

The walls of your house, certainly not one of the areas that you spend more time at the time of cleaning, and the truth is that in winter, it is impossible to clean much dust, since there is much humidity and you would spoil it, but in the summer, you can take advantage of it and wipe it with warm water and a little neutral soap in the dirtiest areas, since it will dry very quickly, especially if you open all the windows or use a fan, to avoid humidity.

Cleaning the doors

To clean the doors, you should use neutral soap as long as they are lacquered. If the door has reliefs, you need to clean it gently with a toothbrush and then rinse with water and dry with a lint-free cloth, so easy another of the cleaning tips.

Check the corners

Summer is the perfect time for cockroaches and other bugs to breed. Look in the places where they usually hide, clean behind the appliances, under the furniture, in the back of the drawers and dark or wet places. Cut the problem at the root before it is much bigger.

Cleaning the plugs and switches

The plugs and switches of the house also tend to accumulate dirt throughout the winter so, with one of these cleaning tips, you can easily clean them. With a little alcohol in a drained cloth, pass it around and where you see that there is more dirt but always with great care since water with electricity can be dangerous.

Dedicate a space in the house for unused items

Instead of dedicating a whole day to trying to take inventory of the things that have no further use in your home, do it over a month. Keep them neatly in a space for the month and build on it as you find things.

Perform a comprehensive cleaning

It is important that at least once a year you perform a thorough cleaning of your home or at least the most relevant areas. Not only will this make it easier for you to clean but it will prolong the life of your appliances, furniture and housing material, which will also look impeccable and spectacular.

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