Make your House Feel Cozy for the Fall


Your home is the best place in the world where you can rest from the hustle and bustle of the routine and enjoy the atmosphere you like. "There is no place like home," and how true it is. Our house is the place where we spend great family moments; we rest, we recover from a stressful day of work and many other things. Hence the importance of being truly welcoming. If you are looking for how to make your home feel cozier, read below some quick tricks that you can implement in different areas. You will not need to spend a fortune to achieve your goal, and you will love the result.

Hang family photos – Using the photos of the people you love to decorate your spaces will make you feel comforted and happy at all times. You can place them in the dining room, inside ornate frames; or in your living room and bedroom.

Use flowers – By adding a bouquet of flowers in a small vase on your coffee table, on one of the dressers of your bedroom or in the bathroom, you will create the feeling of "home warmth." Varieties such as lily, gardenias, and roses, have a very rich smell that will aromatize your house.

Paint the walls – Painting a room is an instant way to make it cozy. Try dark and dramatic colors, such as dark gray or brown, just be sure to add white or metallic touches, so the space does not feel heavy.

Aromatherapy – Add aromatherapy to make your home more inviting for you and your guests. Use aromas with scents such as apple and cinnamon, lavender, vanilla, and jasmine to make your spaces have a relaxing aroma.

Suspend series of lights – It doesn’t need to be Christmas to light the home! Placing a series of golden lights (or several) in your room will not only give you shine but also increase your warmth. You can put them on the headboard or form a curtain from the ceiling.

Show off your blankets – Put your favorite blankets on a ladder or a rack in your living room, this will give a cozy touch. In addition, it will facilitate access to them when you want to cuddle near the television to watch a movie or if you fall asleep in the armchair after a long day.  

Bringing family and friends into your home during the fall and holidays will instantly bring warmth and laughter. Enjoy this time of year and spend a few minutes preparing your home for the holidays.

If you need help, we are here!

Mary Wilcox