Decluttering tips that take 10 minutes or less


Getting your house spic and span is a very challenging task. All of us want to have a clean and organized home, but don't know where to start. Here's the thing, if your home is filled with clutter, trying to fix it can be overwhelming. So the best way to tackle this is to start with baby steps. Take ten minutes today, then another ten minutes tomorrow, and the next day. Before you know it, you have already cleaned your entire home! So if you are overwhelmed by the clutter in your house, don't fret. Reduce clutter in any room in your home, in about seven or eight minutes, with these quick declutter tips.


Quick Tips To Declutter In 10 Minutes Or Less


Break the job into small tasks. It is very important to set a timeframe – a realistic timeframe. Don't overwhelm yourself by doing all the work in just one day. You'll just burn out yourself and do the task ineffectively.


Let go of things that you don't really use. The main cause of having too much clutter is having too much stuff. As a rule of thumb, if you haven't used something in six months, then it's time to sell it or give it to someone else. From busted appliances to outdated clothes, this will definitely help avoid clutter from accumulating in your home.


Make cleaning fun and enjoyable experience. Cleaning is often seen as a tedious chore, but the more you think of it that way, the more you'll be unmotivated to do it. Instead of putting cleaning in a negative light, why not make it fun? Blast your favorite music, dance like no one's watching and sing your heart out while cleaning. You’ll be more inspired to do your tasks.


Create a filing system for your papers and other documents. Common clutter problems such as stacks of unopened letters and bills can be fixed by having a system. The key to avoiding such paper from accumulating is to deal with the paper that you receive right away. Another good way to deal with this issue is by opting to have your bills sent to your email instead. This way, you'll completely eliminate paper bills from your home.


Clean as you go. Small tasks can impact your daily routine, so it's ideal to deal with the clutter that you see to prevent it from adding up to your daily routine. If you always delay your tasks, it will be too much to handle in the end.


Decluttering and organizing does not have to be a long process. You do not have to spend entire weekends filling boxes and bags full of stuff to take to the garbage or local charity. Once you create daily routines and spend a few minutes each day until a room looks good, you will be amazed how quickly you can get the entire house clutter free. Just remember not to go back to your old habits, and you will be happier and more organized.

Mary Wilcox