Essential End of Winter Cleaning List

Essential End of Winter Cleaning List

The mad rush is over and the holiday guests have gone home.  Your house is yours again.  So, it is time to take off the blinders and make a plan for winter's end, and end of winter cleaning list.  Making a written plan for cleaning, organizing, and purging will help keep you on track.  Here are 5 steps to get the year going in the right direction.

  1. Put the holiday and weather-related items away in an organized manner. It takes a bit more time but is worth the trouble when you look for the boxes next year. Label all your boxes clearly.  Pack sheets and blankets in space savings bags if possible.  They reduce the amount of room necessary to store and keep the items protected.  The same applies to your winter clothes.  Put them away neatly and in space-saving bags. You will not have to wash them next year and will have so much more room in your closet for your in-season clothes.
  2. Closets! Clean out your closets.  If you have not worn and have not used it for a year, two years maximum, donate the item.  Your trash could be someone else's treasure.  Find a charity that means something to you as this always makes it easier to give away something to which you may be attached.  Just remember, someone could genuinely benefit from your unused items. 
  3. Purge your kitchen cabinets and fridge of expired foods and things you will positively never use. It may not seem so, but there are things that have been in there for years and gone untouched.  Take this opportunity to get some clear containers from the local dollar store so you can better organize your cabinets.  This also keeps any food stored in them much fresher.
  4. The same process should be taken in the bathrooms. Get rid of old lotions, make-up, torn towels, old medicines, and expired skin products.  Be sure to take your medications to a collection center.  These items should not be thrown down the drain nor flushed.  Expired skin products are things like sunscreen and any treatment for skin problems, like poison ivy or sunburn.
  5. The final tip: Deep clean.  Really, really clean.  Corners, behind things, walls, grout, carpets, books, windows, vacuum furniture and drapes, and dust it all.   Having a clean space is good for your mind and health.  It changes perspective and improves mood.

Getting through your End of Winter Cleaning List will take some time, some help, and some planning, but you will feel great starting the new season off with a home that sparkles.