February Cleaning Tips

February Cleaning Tips

February has some of the harshest weather for the Northern Hemisphere.  It has chilling temperatures, torrential rains, deep snowfall, and even tornadoes.  This means a lot of mess in your home, car, and workplace.  It’s also the month of love which means a lot of chocolate or wine stains and a general mess in your kitchen, bedrooms, kid’s rooms, and even clothes. Check out our February Cleaning Tips below for winter and Valentine’s Day.

Winter Cleaning Tips

Slippery Floors:

• In order to prevent the mess in the first place, we suggest a walk-off mat for your business.  These are large mats, made to hold snow, repel moisture so they do not get moldy, and help prevent slipping on surrounding floors.

• For your home, we recommend a track mat.  These are rubber and function, in the same way, a walk-off mat works, but they come in smaller sizes and more pleasing patterns.

Salt Everywhere:

• If you do drag in some salt and snow, you can use mild dish-soapy warm water and a white cloth and sponge the affected area.  The warm water dissolves the salt. Rinse the area with clean warm water or the soap will stick.

• If the problem is in your car, mix 1 part white distilled vinegar and 1 part warm water in a spray bottle.  Spray your car mats and carpet, keeping clear of your car's electrics.  Wipe down the wet areas.

• Salt can damage hard flooring, as well.  Do not leave salt nor snow nor water on your hard flooring.

 • We have expert cleaners and the most advanced cleaning machines, so we can return your carpet, furniture, and hard flooring to its former pre-cold weather glory.   Our treatment will also take out all the moisture from the carpet or fabrics so they do not get moldy.

Fireplace and Home Heating Safety:

• Fireplace and heating system care are the top two home care issues you must address this season as they are integral to keeping your home warm and safe.  Most important are the safety issues, so make sure you have your fireplace serviced each year.  This will ensure that the venting is clear, the structure is stable, and that it does not pose a fire risk.

• Clean the ash regularly by shoveling it and putting it in a bag.  DO THIS ONLY IF YOU ARE CERTAIN THE ASH HAS COOLED COMPLETELY.

• You need to change the filter in your heating system according to the instructions and at intervals included in the instructions.

• Call the gas company if you need your pilot lit.

• Without question, the most critical element to winter appliance home safety equipment is a carbon monoxide detector.  Carbon monoxide detectors save lives.  This odorless toxin causes people to fall unconscious and sadly, if untreated, will result in death.  It happens fast and children are extremely vulnerable.  If you have a multi-level home, you must have one on each floor.  Change the batteries as directed by the manufacturer.

Valentine’s Day Cleaning Tips:

Baking & Cooking Mess

On to the lighter side of February Cleaning Tips.  St. Valentine's Day!  The day of love and cards and candy and a kitchen full of pans.

• You may be baking for your children and their classmates or your single lady friends or your one true love, but sticky pans are sticky pans, no matter who will be receiving the goods.  In order to keep up with the baking or cooking demands, clean as you cook.  Fill the sink with soapy water so you can soak pans and utensils and bowls.  They will be much easier to clean.

Candles, Chocolate & Wine

The morning after involves cleaning up candle wax, cleaning up wine stains, trying to get chocolate off your cloth napkins, and getting lipstick off his collar, (Nice!)

• For candle wax, you can use an orange oil essence cleaner, hot steam, or a putty knife made of plastic.

• Wine stains need a little seltzer water and some stain remover.

• Chocolate stains really respond well to cold water.  If this doesn’t work, you can use a bleach stick for whites and a strong stain remover for colored clothes.

• For lipstick, watered down dish washing detergent works very well.  If it does not rub out, you can use a stain remover according to the instructions on the bottle.

• There is a strong chance everyone in your house wore red in some way for Valentine's Day.  Wash reds together and in cold water.  If there is a mishap and a renegade non-red fabric gets in the wash, bleach whites and use RIT Color Remover for multi-colored fabrics.

Quick Clean Up

If you are going to be working Valentine's Day, a quick clean-up will be breeze with our little tips.

• Use bio-degradable cleaning wipes for counters, bathroom sinks, and toilets.

• Run the vacuum cleaner over your carpets and floors.  For dusty areas, you can use your vacuum cleaner brush.

• If all else fails, dim the lights, forget the dust, and enjoy your evening!

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