Guest Room Ideas to Make Holiday Entertaining Stress Free

Guest Room Ideas - to make holiday entertaining stress free

The holidays are fast approaching and they come one right after the next.  Family and friends will be coming to stay over and making people feel welcome is a top priority for hosts.  Making a functional and warm guestroom, and ensuring a comfortable stay, is easier than it seems.  If you are working on a budget, do not worry, there are easy solutions in all price ranges.  

The Guest Bedroom


The guest bedroom is a place of peace and comfort for those staying away from home.  Even if the guests are family, staying over is a little stressful.  You want to make the guestroom warm and functional.  

  • Start with making sure you have good window coverings. Some guests like the light and some like the room darker. IKEA sells two panels of sheers for $10.00. Cover those with black-out curtains. The room can be as light or as dark as the guests choose.

  • Not everyone uses his or her cell phone to tell time, so put a little clock on the bedside table. You can pick up a bedside clock at any discount store. If you will be keeping a schedule while you guests are staying over, grab one with an alarm feature.

  • When choosing bedside lamps try to find some with three-way capacity. This way a guest can have bright light for work and dimmer light for night reading.

  • You can stack current books under the lamps so guests have things to read. If you are working on a budget, stop by the library as you can keep the books for three weeks.

  • If you have room, buy a storage bench for the guestroom and put it at the foot of the bed to store extra blankets and it will serve as a place for guests to unload or keep their suitcases.


The Guest Bed

The bed will be the spot in the guestroom where your guests will rest and recharge.  

  • You should cover the mattress with a good pad that is waterproof and bed bug preventative. This is especially important in rooms where children will be staying as they have been known to bring lice to the holiday festivities! Cover the pillows, as well. You can find all these for a good price at home stores. They are a wise investment for your guestroom.

  • When picking bedding, try to pick restful colors. Tans are good choices. Tans keep the room neutral, so you can add things in any colors. Discount department stores and large department store chains will offer bedding of all styles and price levels. You can buy them in kits or in individual pieces for a less formal guestroom.

  • Buy fabrics which are easily washable.


The Guest Bathroom

The guest room is the room hosts most often have on their minds, but also consider the bathroom your guests will be using.  This room offers anxiety for some guests as they worry about keeping the area in order.  

  • You should first make sure you have a toilet brush accessible for guests. This makes them feel they can keep the space clean, with privacy.

  • Also, leave mirror cleaning supplies and antibacterial cleaning wipes available in the bathroom.

  • If you like to use only environmentally friendly products, do not be concerned, stores now sell disposable cleaning wipes which are biodegradable. These can be used for any spills and messes that may happen in the guestroom, too.

  • Stores like IKEA sell inexpensive, yet soft, towels. Major department stores sell towels which are "quick drying" and they often go on sale. Pick colors like tan or white as tan will not stain and white can be bleached. These are great for guestrooms and guest bathrooms.

  • Dollar stores and Target offer small bottles of shaving cream, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, well as disposable razors, small brushes, and toothbrush kits. Do not forget the facial tissues and headache/fever medication in trial size.

  • At any of these stores you can find attractive baskets and containers to hold all these items and keep them organized.

Enjoy these guest room ideas and tips for making the guest room a sweet spot during the stressful holidays is the best present you can give your friends and family this holiday season.

If you need a little help getting your guest room or home ready for entertaining give us a call to find out how we can help you get your home Just The Way You Like It!