Copy of Holiday House Cleaning: 12 Tips to Make your Home and Spirits Bright

Holiday House Cleaning Tips

Holiday house cleaning is a lot of work both before guests come AND an equal amount of hard work after they leave.  There are things to be cleaned, washed, sorted, packed, and put away.  Getting things done and getting them organized can be overwhelming when piled on to life's regular duties.  Here is a checklist of 12 cleaning and organizing tips to help you not only before and after the holidays but year round!

1. Washing Linens

Wash them with soap and add a quarter cup of vinegar and two or three drops of an essential oil to keep them fresh longer while they hide away in the cabinets until your next guest visits. Guest linens should be stored in bags to avoid discoloration. When washing the guest towels use vinegar as well, and fabric softener in the rinse cycle as towels tend to become stiffer over time. Cleaning them well and using the correct products will ensure they do not need to be washed again before the next guests arrive.  

2. Vacuuming in Unexpected Places

Vacuum the guest mattress also as this will reduce the amount of dust and skin cells that can build up in the mattress so it stays clean for future visitors.  

3. Re-Gifting to those in Need 

Receiving gifts is fun because you experience the joy of knowing someone has thought about you and your family.  However not every gift is something you can use and it may even be something you already own.  For any unwanted gifts or repeats of things you may already have, consider donating.  Families in need are grateful recipients of such donations.  

4. Cherishing Holiday Cards

When you take down all those lovely cards, consider using the front of the card as a gift tag for the following year.  Cut around the picture, punch a hole in the corner and you have recycled, reduced, and reused, and saved money. 

For the photos you want to keep, buy an index card holder at any dollar store and mark the year on the outside.  

5. DIY Project

Remove the holiday card photo from the card frame and make an ornament for the sender for the next year.  If they are close friends or family, keep the cards by year and on a milestone year, make a collage of all their years' photos as a Christmas gift.


6. Leftover Wrapping Paper, Bows, Cards

At this point you probably have wrapping paper and bows and gift tags in a corner in your room waiting to get a home in any available space.  Invest in a wrapping paper container. Make sure to wait for the after-Christmas sales to pick up a great deal on these holiday storage containers. Get an extra long style as you can fit all the paper rolls and the extras in one box.  They fit easily under beds or up on a shelf.  

7. Oh Christmas Tree

The tree is usually the last thing to come down because everyone loves looking at the beautifully decorated tree!  Putting the ornaments away is a challenge if you do not have proper storage.  You can use egg containers or small gift boxes for small ornaments and left over tissue or bubble wrap from gifts received as extra cushioning to wrap fragile ornaments.

8. Use the Trunk & Branches Too! 

Your holiday guests will be arriving and you want to put something green, fresh, and full of the scent of the season around your home; ask the person cutting the bottom of your tree at purchase to save the bottom branches for you. They add great style and scent throughout your home.


9. Candles = Wax

If you like to use candles for scent and ambiance for the holidays, invest in a candle snuffer.  It keeps the wax off your furniture, mantle, and table linens. 

10. Twinkling Lights or Tangled Up Mess?

Lights are what make the inside and outside of the holidays.  And they are the bane of our holiday lives.  Wrapping them well after the holidays is the key to keeping the untangling nightmare of the next year away.  You can buy a light holder which allows the lights to be easily wrapped.  They can be found at any dollar store and are worth every penny. Remember: Check your lights to make sure they are all working before you wrap and store them.  All box sets come with extra bulbs, so keep those in a safe spot to repair the set before you put them away for the year.   

11. Remember Your Pets

If you dressed your pets for the holidays, wash his or her outfits before you put them away.  They could have food particles on them and that will attract rodents and bugs. 

12. A few extra tips that can help save space and money: 

Use Christmas stockings to store and wrap snow globes.  Use paper towel holders to roll extra strands of ribbon, or garland rather than throwing them away.

The holidays are both full of joy and stress, especially when hosting family members and out of town guests.  But with these few money, space, and time-saving holiday house cleaning tips you can reuse items normally meant for the trash extend the life of the items in your home and bring some happiness to those around you.

If you still need a little extra help with getting your home ready give us a call, Milan Cleaning Services will get your home ready for the holidays, or back to normal after. Book Now for Holiday House Cleaning Services.