How to Clean Outdoor Furniture After Winter


When summer arrives, you are looking forward to taking your terrace or garden furniture to relieve the heat away from home with a beer or soda. In many occasions, you realize that this furniture needs to be restored, because it is worn, bulged by humidity or has small damages. All wooden furniture needs maintenance during its use and when they are stored waiting to be used the following year.

Therefore, instead of replacing your old and worn wooden furniture, why not simply follow these steps to clean your furniture?

Never use ammonia for wood

Yes, most people know that "special for wood" product contains ammonia. But forget it: the ammonia is abrasive and, in the long run, it will end up removing the shine and color of your favorite wooden furniture.

Cleaning the surface of the furniture thoroughly

The next thing you have to do is to clean the surface of the furniture well. For this, you need to apply acetone or soapy water on a cloth and clean with the cloth. It is important to rub well so that all the dirt comes out.

Making use of grain sandpaper

As heat and cold have caused the pore of the wood to open, the surface is rough and even slightly chipped. Therefore, you need to also make use of a sander with fine grain sandpaper to clean the furniture.

Using satin varnish

After removing the dust, you have to apply a satin varnish with an open pore that will help protect the wood; it will also repel water and also help to hydrate the wood and let it breathe.

Prolong the life and beauty of your outdoor with these tips:

Clean the dust every day, wax every week

Does it sound like a lot of work? Believe us: it is not. Get special wet wipes to clean wood (in almost all supermarkets you can find them already, of different brands and even white label, much cheaper). If every day - or every two, at the most - you take a washcloth and simply run it over the surface of your wooden furniture, it will take less than a couple of minutes to have them always unpolluted and prevent dust and dirt from starting to create spots or fences.

Protect wood from sunlight, water and air conditioning

The best thing is that you think of that furniture as in a small child: you would not put it in the sun, nor would you let it be wet, or in front of an air conditioner, right? Wood is sensitive to the sun because it eats its color and its brightness, and water and air conditioning are very dangerous to rot its composition and abruptly alter its natural expansion and contraction. Therefore, if we talk about outdoor furniture, apply special protective varnishes of wood for these circumstances from the first day.

Beware of heat

In the same way, the heat can cause damage to the surface, damage the waxes and protective varnishes, and sharply widen the wood where it is applied. Therefore, do not leave hot containers directly on it, or the damage will be so permanent that you should sand the remaining marks to make them disappear.

Repair with a mixture of wine vinegar and olive oil

In equal parts, this mixture will nourish the surface of the wood in an excellent way, applied with a cotton cloth and a lot of love. Then, you just have to let it dry for an entire hour, and top off by applying a wax of the right color to get the desired shine. You can also change the wine for lemon oil, reduced in half a liter of vegetable oil, and spread this mixture with a clean and soft cloth.

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