How to Keep your Desk Area Clean


The space where you spend most of your day must be clean and tidy, which can be difficult when you are busy. A clean work area increases productivity, and with a few simple strategies, you can keep your desk tidy all the time. Follow these tips to keep your desk clean and tidy. 

Get rid of the things you do not need – Even if you do not like to admit it, your desk is full of useless things that you do not need at all, and that end up becoming a distraction.  Do you have old papers on your desk? Empty glasses? Anything that is not useful and does not have a clear role in your work should immediately be removed. Save it, throw it away but do not let it be part of your environment while you’re trying to be productive.

File your papers – Avoid piling paper that eventually tower high. To optimize time and space, it is best to organize the papers in a filing cabinet as soon as they come in. Use a system that allows you to have at hand the information you need to work. We also recommend scanning them and file them directly on your computer or cloud.


Use the trash/recycling – Having a paper bin on hand is ideal to maintain the order of your desktop. Every time you do not need a piece of paper, toss it. Every time you eat in front of the computer, throw it away.   

Customize – Decorating your workplace favors organization and cleanliness of the desk by adding your personal touch. When the space in which you work is comfortable, keeping it tidy will not feel like an obligation.

Clean each day – Whether it's in the workplace or your home, you need to spend a few minutes before finishing with the tasks each day to get your desk in order. Maintaining cleanliness over the long term will be easier if you spend a few minutes each day.

Remember that a comfortable and pleasant workspace will make work tasks much easier and will speed up processes. By applying these tips, you’ll increase productivity and avoid the stress that may result from not finding the documents you need.

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Anna McNaught