Linen Closet Organization That Would Make Martha Stewart Jealous

Linen Closet Organization

A linen closet is always the dirty little secret in a home.  Well, maybe not dirty, but perhaps disorganized, disheveled, and sometimes chaotic.  Linen closet organization can be a challenge but with a bit of guidance, it doesn't have to be as difficult as you may think.

Here are 7 simple steps to get you to Martha Stewart status:

1. Toss.

We understand, if it still works, you want to keep it, but sheets, pillowcases, towels, and such items with holes really need to get a new life with a different purpose.  If they can be mended, by all means, mend away, but do not leave a nation of lost linen souls with holes in your linen closet.

2. Organization all the way!

Organize your shelves based on use.  Towels of equal size on their own shelves, pillowcases and shams on another, fitted and flat sheets on another.  If you find this extremely boring turn on your favorite show, and the time will pass quickly.
BONUS TIP: If your space is small, invest in some ribbon and roll your sets and tie them with ribbon.  You can stack them like bottles!  It will be pretty and functional.

3. Color coordinate.

Keep your colors together.  It makes it so much easier to find items when you go by color.  The human brain is wired to respond to colors in organization.  That is why we use highlighters, colored sticky notes, and color-coded tabs for filing.  Color association makes things easier to find.

4. Go deep and high.

If you have deep cabinets, feel free to use every bit of space and put things at the back of the cabinets.  Stack as high as you can as long as things do not wobble.  If you need to invest in some small plastic shelving stacking units and containers for small things, such as delicate pillowcases, use those as long as they do not take up too much space.  In the end, remember less is more!

5. Folding is an art.

Fold everything similarly.  Try to keep the rounded side facing out as this makes the cabinets look clean and organized when the door is open.

6. Storage is key.

Store big and bulky items in large boxes or storage bags that will stack.  Keep them low as they are less likely to move around when the door is open and they will be easier to retrieve.

7. Let your inner Martha shine.

If you really want to dial up the Martha quotient, you can paint or paper the inside of the cabinets.  Use a color for pop or a fun paper you would not dare use in another room.  Make it special.

BONUS TIP: Add your favorite scented soap to the closet.  Wrap it in some muslin and tie it with a cute piece of ribbon. Every time you open the closet you will surely get that “aaaaah!” feeling.
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