7 New Year’s Resolutions for a Clean Home

New Years Resolution for a Clean Home

Each new year, millions of people have a plan of attack for making this year different.  This year will be the year that the closets are organized, the cupboards will be emptied of products with expiration dates going back to your college days, your sheets will be with their matched partners, your dog toys and knitting will have baskets, and your front entry or mudroom will not look like a school locker.  Easier said than done, but the best way to start is by planning. We can help you achieve these clean home goals with 7 simple steps.

  1. The first step is to clean all these areas.  Closets get dusty, as do the interiors of kitchen cabinets, as do your dog toys.  Plan to cover one area each day.  Make a cleaning and organizing dream board, (seriously.)  Dust your closets, cabinets, books, knick-knacks, wash the dog toys, and any other commonly ignored surface or fabric.  If you set aside a few hours, and get some help from your family, you should finish in one afternoon.  (We support all forms of bribery, especially pizza.)
  2. The best way to keep your closet in check is to keep the boxes your shoes come in and leave the description on the viewed side of the box.  Keep your scarves, gloves, hats, etc...in the same spot.  Things are so much easier to find when you commit to putting them in the same spot all the time.  Box as much as you can to reduce the dust.
  3. Stock up on stacking shelves at your bargain stores.  They are wonderfully useful when organizing your kitchen cabinets.  You can get much more in and things will be much more visible.  If it does not have a companion top, or does not have a companion bottom, it never will - let it go!  Hang mugs underneath your cabinets.  It leaves more room in the interiors and it adds a European decor flair.  Replace the liner if it is starting to fade or degrade. 
  4. Your linen closet is perhaps your dirtiest little secret. Mismatched sheets and holey towels... oh the shame!  Take anything too worn for use to the local dog shelter.  They appreciate all towels and blankets. Keep similar sized things together and colors toge You would be amazed at the amount of time it cuts down on trying to find things and the commitment you made to swearing less in 2017 will be more easily attained too.
  5. If it is in the open, you need to wipe it free from dust.  If you have not even noticed it in a year, then it should become someone else's treasure.  Knick-knacks, books, and dust-filled vases that have never seen the light of day in your life need to go.
  6. Wash all your dog toys, pillow covers, throw blankets, basket liners, throw rugs, seat cushions, etc... All the things that are so small you forget about them during the year.  Decorative boxes and baskets are cheap, attractive, and marvelous for keeping all these things organized.  Put dog toys, kid toys, knitting, blankets, and extra pillows in cute baskets or boxes.
  7. Box socks, toys, game pieces, and anything without a match.  If it does not turn up within the following 12 months, toss the entire box.  Excess stuff is one of the most prevalent trouble makers in the endeavor to organization.

The regular stuff, like beds, dishes, rugs, curtains, tubs, and sinks, all get their regular cleaning, either weekly, or at least seasonally for larger things. The cleaning and purging of these less often maintained items in this list will set you right for the start of 2017!