5 Odor Removal Tips to Rid Your House of Smells without Chemicals

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Bad odors are part and parcel to home life.  Athletes, babies, animals, cigar smokers, greasy food, and any other odor can permeate your living spaces. Spraying chemicals can sometimes cover the smell, but they never truly get rid permeating odors.  Candles are also a mere cover-up for smells.  In addition, for those with asthma and allergies, chemicals and candles can be harmful and even dangerous to the sufferer.  Here are some chemical-free ways to get rid of odors throughout your home.

  1.  Vinegar. Vinegar is magic on so many levels.  It is positively the best at absorbing bad odors.  Without chemicals and about as inexpensive as it gets, this one is a miracle worker.  You can put some vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it on your furniture, on your carpet, and throughout the air.  (Be certain your furniture can tolerate liquid spray.)  Yes, it will smell like a salad for a while, but it will neutralize the smell. If you have objects that can’t get wet, just douse a towel in white vinegar, wring it out, and then walk around the house swinging it like a pom-pom! (Seriously, it works.)
  2. Essential oils.  Essential oils work beautifully to get rid of household odors.  Essential oils cost a bit, but they last a long time.  You can add drops to the backs of pillows, on blankets, on the underside of couch cushions, curtains, and old pine cones.  In the bathroom, you can put some drops in the trash can, on some decorative shells or rocks, and on the guest towels that are used purely for decoration.
  3.  Soap. Soap is a fantastic smell dampener.  Buy some bars of your favorite soap and stash it in subtle places.  Behind books, under cushions, in drawers, and any other place it can’t be seen.  In the bathroom, feel free to leave in view.  **If you have pets or small children, DO NOT LEAVE BARS OF SOAP WITHIN THEIR REACH.
  4.  Simmer. Simmering a few of your favorite spices can change the stinky to the lovely.  Fill a small pot with water and add a teaspoon of cinnamon, a teaspoon of whole cloves, and julienned orange peels.  Put them on to simmer until the smell disappears.  **As with anything on the stove, do not leave the spices unattended and if you have small children or pets, PUT THE POT ON THE BACK BURNER.
  5.  Ventilation. The easiest and cheapest air freshener is ventilation.  Open windows and let the fresh air bound inside.  Fresh air from the outside will make the bad smell or smells dissipate quickly.  The mom opening the window as the sheer curtains start blowing the fresh air into the house...a cherished movie scene, but they are not just whistling Dixie!  It really works.

A bad smell is rarely permanent.  If you are having trouble getting rid of any smells, please call our professional service.  A thorough and effective cleaning can be done without the use of chemicals.  A good cleaning service takes all the client's needs into consideration when making a cleaning plan.