Office Kitchen Etiquette: 6 Keep It Clean Tips

Office Kitchen Etiquette

Keeping an office kitchen clean can be as challenging as keeping a home kitchen clean.  Getting a group of adults to cooperate with an office wide policy can create as much work as trying to get children to keep the kitchen in your home clean. Having good office kitchen etiquette is not only beneficial for others but for you too. A clean kitchen means less germs, bacteria, and dirt for all. There are some things each office member can do to alleviate the stress and keep the kitchen operation as professional as the business.

Although it may seem an unpleasant task, it is wise to put someone in charge of the office kitchen cleaning schedule and rules of use.  Some people will shy away from the task, so do not force the issue with an unwilling participant.  There is always someone suited to the task.  When you choose the kitchen manager, you should make a set of rules which govern the behavior expected from any person using the office kitchen.

Once you compile your office kitchen etiquette plan, type it, print it, put it in a frame, and put it on the wall where all the staff can see.


To get you started with setting policy, we suggest the following:

1.) Clean as You Go!

A wise plan for the home and equally as wise for the office.  When someone uses a cup it should get washed, dried, and then put away.

2.) Microwave Gets a Wipe-down After Each Use.

Food will splatter and this can affect the taste of any other meals heated later.  It will also permeate the room.  *Use only cleaning materials approved by the microwave manufacturer.

3.) Do Not Let a Science Experiment Grow in the Refrigerator.

Keep your food well stored.  Check for expiration dates.  If you spill in the refrigerator, clean it up promptly.  Any moldy food gets the fast track to the trash.

4.) Keep the Counter-tops, Table, & Kitchen Surfaces Free of Food Debris.

If you dribble, crumble, or drench, clean it up right away.

5.) If You Drink Coffee & the Pot Needs a Scrub, Get Your Gloves!

Do not wait for someone else to clean the pot.

6.) If the Kitchen Trash is Over the Top, Tie it Up & Put in a New Bag, Please.

Being a good office mate means taking care of things as they come up.

If you have a small office and the employees are close, you can set a schedule where each person has a day to clean.  This is for an office with a certain level of community.  All of the above would be set on a schedule and even two people a day can be assigned to clean the dishes, put the dishes away, clean the kitchen surfaces, the coffee pot, prep the pot for the next morning, and dispose of the trash.  You can assign a refrigerator cleaning every two weeks.  Make sure to reinforce the old food goes, no matter who, no matter what and no matter why.