Top Tips for Organizing in the New Year

New Year's Resolutions for a Clean Home

Organizing in the New Year can be quite a daunting task. Christmas is over and there is a good chance you have more stuff to put away than you did before the holiday season even started.  When kids open presents, they are not thinking about where their new loot will go, but the person in charge of putting things away is always mapping out all the available nooks and crannies in the house.  Do not worry, we have some solutions for you. 




Cubes work brilliantly for toy storage.  They stack, they are inexpensive, and they ensure a clear visual on the toys, books, records, video games, and clothes.  They can be stacked low for small children and high for older children.  As you add to the loot, you can add shelves.  Some cubes are sturdy enough to hold electronics.  For small parts and pieces, socks and undergarments, you can purchase fabric or woven drawers to slide inside the cubes.  You can organize by category or by child.   Choose specific colors of cubes and/or drawers.  These ideas will help children keep track of their things and keep them organized with ease.  

After the new items are put away, it is time to take down the tree.  By some mystical trick, things do not go back in the boxes the way came out.  Holiday decoration boxes can be pricey, so we are sharing with you a few do-it-yourself ornament organization idea.  

  • To store ornaments buy a standard storage box from any home store. Line the bottom with a piece of cardboard. Use plastic cups to fill the entire inside of the box and just put an ornament in each cup. For non-breakable ornaments, you might be able to fit two per cup. For small ornaments, use leftover egg crates. Your ornaments will be organized and safe for next year.

  • Christmas lights have been known to bring people to tears but here’s an easy Dollar Store Tip: If you have small or decorative lights, such as berries or snowflakes, they can be stored in sandwich bags.

  • Long strings of lights are easily organized on pieces of cardboard. Wind the lights around the cardboard, leaving 1 inch or more between each row. Tape the ends with electrical tape.

  • Some bows are so stunning, you want to keep them forever. To keep the loops intact, use a toilet paper roll to hold the shape. If the loop is big, roll the cardboard in paper towels. Store them in shallow shirt boxes.

  • Never underestimate the power of under-the-bed storage boxes. These long boxes are perfect for long wrapping paper rolls and all your gift wrapping products.

  • Number boxes for easy access next year. Organizing by number will allow you to know which boxes need to be accessed first when taking them out the following holiday season. Place holiday cards in box #1 as sending cards is generally the first activity of the season. Put lights and the Christmas tree stand in box #2.

Holiday visitors mean extra bedding and blankets.  The best method for storing extra bedding that does not have a permanent place in your linen cabinets is a sturdy storage bag. Storage bags with a suction seal will hold a lot of blankets and pillows with extreme space saving as the goal.  It also protects fabric from moths and vermin.  If sealed properly, items removed the next year need not be washed.


Ready to tackle non-holiday related items? This month start with your desk/office space. Getting organized in this space will help you start off on the right foot for the rest of the year. 

  • Keep the items most often accessed at your fingertips. Use desktop organizers to reduce the amount of digging you have to do for stamps, paper clips, pens, and other items.

  • Use cutlery trays for the shallow desk drawers. They are inexpensive and work perfectly to organize pens, pencils, and highlighters.

  • Piles have been known to aid in visual memory. Keeping piles by category is a great organizing tool. Use single trays or stacking trays to keep papers neat. Mark the trays by category.

  • Organizing files by color will aid in categorizing by chore, client, or due date. Brighter colors will indicate an urgency in the human brain. Use these colors for high priority files.



Get started with a few of these tips as you put the holidays away and get prepped for 2016 so that you can have a great year. If you need a little extra help contact us to today about our home organization services. Get in Touch