Preparing for Allergy Season: Tips for the Office

Preparing for Allergy Season

Allergies are a major feature in TV commercials, a reason for the majority of calls to doctors’ offices, and one of the top 3 reasons people miss work. There are ways to help keep your office free from allergens and help reduce your employees' suffering during this year’s allergy season.  These will keep them comfortable and productive.


One of the most egregious offenders in the world of allergens is pet hair.

  • Separating employees having pets at home from those without pets is a way to curb the reactions suffered by those with allergies.
  • Keeping pet hair rollers in the office will provide an extra measure of prevention.  They are inexpensive and can be cleaned very easily.


The next on the list of super offenders is pollen.  Pollen causes sneezing, coughing, and very itchy eyes. If it gets in office vents it will fly all over when the systems are running.

  • Make sure maintenance changes the filters as indicated by the directions on the system.
  • Also, have the heating and air conditioning serviced at least once a year.


Dust is a serious problem for persons allergic to this persistent element.  It is everywhere and seems to magically appear mere minutes after it has been wiped away.

  • Ask your cleaning staff to pay particular attention to the dust in the office.
  • Make sure they are using microfiber or other implements that pick up maximum dust.


Another real clinger in the allergy fight is the ever-charming dust mite.  The eggs travel in on clothing.

  • Keeping HEPA filters running, doing a deep cleaning of carpet and upholstery, as well as wiping down work surfaces with wet cloths can keep a tight lid on these little bugs.


HEPA filters help keep the air clean.  They can be purchased as large units or small and quiet for small spaces.  They can also help control odors in the air.

  • Odor control sprays and oil emitters are very irritating to the allergy sufferer.
  • Using baking soda containers, bowls of vinegar, or bowls of lemons throughout the office, can all help absorb odors.  They are all generally mild or completely non-irritating to the employees having allergies.


Cleaning products have high levels of fragrance and chemical compounds. These are quite disruptive to the lungs and nasal passages in people suffering from allergies.

  • Using unscented and plant based cleaners can help reduce the allergens.

Lastly, if you notice an employee getting no relief from the precautions you are taking, suggest they get allergy tests. Allergies change throughout a lifetime.  Things can stop producing a reaction, but be replaced by something new.  A change in medication can make all the difference in the world this allergy season.  Having happy and comfortable employees is good for them, for productivity, and profitability.