Tips to Spring Clean in Your Home or Office


The day of your annual spring or summer cleaning is fast approaching, and there is no question of procrastinating! To be effective, your preparation includes 1 good night's sleep, 1 motivated workforce, non-fragile clothes, 1 shopping list and 1 accurate schedule. However, it’s not only at home that spring is favorable for storage and cleaning: in the office too, you can take advantage of these first rays of sun to put some order in your records and thus gain efficiency.

Below are tips for effect spring cleaning.


Office Spring Cleaning

Organize your workspace

Some people are more efficient on an almost empty desk; others thrive in piles of files and things lying around. In any case, there are probably many unnecessary items on your desk. Take a large bin bag and throw away the pens that are no longer working, the full notepads that you have not used for two years, and the business cards you have already copied to your phone.

Store and update your contacts

Change of address, company, post office, cell number. Your network is constantly changing. Make sure you have up-to-date contact information for everyone, and when this is not the case, arrange to find the updated information. It is also valid on social networks. Start with your oldest contacts. Do not get rid of anyone: you do not know who can be helpful when or who can call you, but put in a folder other than those that you will probably never have the opportunity to (re) contact.

Sort the paperwork

How many unnecessary documents accumulate during the year in your drawers? For some, you have no choice: you are obliged to keep them for legal reasons or because the file is still officially in progress. This does not prevent you from archiving them in places where they will burden you less. For all the others, do not hesitate to throw! Not only will that make room, but with a half-stack, you'll save time next time you're looking for something specific.

Delete emails

There are more than 20,000 messages in your inbox? You can probably delete a few hundred without losing any vital! Opt for the anti-chronological order: the welcome message in the company dating back ten years is no longer very useful, as the exchange with colleagues on contracts now obsolete. If you are afraid of deleting, just in case, create at least one separate folder where you will place all the conversations that have nothing to do with your current work.

Clean up your computer

Again, it's about sorting out what can serve you and the rest. If your office is full of icons, you will have trouble finding your way. Opt instead for folders according to themes corresponding to your daily tasks (customer management, invoices). This will be particularly useful if you work on your personal computer: avoid mixing the two worlds. On the Internet side, think about sorting your favorites.

Home Spring Cleaning

Clean the mats

Shake them, wash them, and beat them. Clean them thoroughly and bluntly: as this is your first line of defense against dust accumulation, make sure they are clean enough to perform this function.

Clean carpets and upholstered furniture

Fabrics that have absorbed dust, body oils, and germs all winter must be thoroughly cleaned. That way, they'll be better off another year of wear and tear, as well as the careful inspection of your guests.

Protect your floors

To protect the kitchen floor from wear, wax it or apply a coat following the manufacturer's instructions. The simplest is to apply a duplicate product, namely, which cleans and waxes. This will save you time. Need help with your floors? Let's us help!

Wash walls, cabinets, skirting boards and woodwork

One might think that the walls do not require washing, as dust and dirt usually fall to the ground. But it settles enough on the vertical surfaces to warrant a wash on occasion. Use a sponge and dish soap (avoid dishwasher soap) and wash surfaces in wide strips. For the higher parts, use a mop. Use two buckets, one for soapy water, and the other to twist your sponge. Drywalls and woodwork with a clean cloth.

Vacuum smartly

The old rule that requires removing all furniture for the purpose of vacuuming every nook and cranny is of no use. Just simply move them slightly to the right or left. Vacuum and replace the furniture. You'll get the same results while doing much less work.

Clean your fixtures

All you need to do is spend a few minutes on a small stepladder armed with all-purpose cleaner, a sponge, and a polishing cloth to give life to your lighting and, therefore, to the rooms of the house. For skylights and fixtures on high ceilings, you may want to get a good step ladder and brooms, brushes and other tools with extensions, which you can find at the hardware store, the home or a shop specializing in the sale of cleaning products.

Ventilate all rooms of the house

To effectively deodorize your interior, open all windows and place a bowl of hot water with scented vinegar in the room to neutralize all odors. Although tidy, a house that doesn’t smell good never makes a good impression.

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