The Importance of Workplace Hygiene & Cleanliness

The Importance of Workplace Hygiene & Cleanliness

Germs are everywhere.  Avoiding them is impossible.  Keeping your space clean will make reducing your risk of contracting a variety of germs very possible.  It’s important to think about keeping a clean office space just as much as your personal space since after all, you spend a large chunk of your day at the office.  Read on to remind yourself why workplace hygiene is so important plus some tips to keep it clean. Beware some scary gross info will follow.

In any given 60 second period, a working adult will come in contact with close to 30 objects or surfaces in their workplace. This means germ after germ after germ, and so-on.  People blow their noses, touch their mouths, the floor, trash receptacles, and bathroom door handles.  Stunningly, many adults do not routinely wash their hands after visiting the restroom!Repulsive, but true.  By the rules of the Transitive Property, you have been exposed! Illnesses like Diarrhea and Pink Eye are extraordinarily contagious.  It takes one touch to spread both, and they both spread like wildfire.  These are just two examples of what you can come in contact with at your office.


To keep the workplace clean, try these simple tips:

  • Keep hand wipes or hand sanitizing gel at your desk.
  • Keep disinfectant cleaning wipes at your desk so you can go over surfaces in the event a lovely, yet nasal and coughing, co-worker stops by for a visit and some stapler touching.
  • Clean out your keyboard and mouse! Not just compressed air but also with an alcohol-based sanitizer.
  • Dispose of unwanted food! Both in the shared refrigerator but at each employee’s desk as well.

The only way to come as close to ensuring a solid measure of germ reduction is to have a thorough cleaning of the office on a regular basis.

  • All surfaces, kitchens, and restrooms must be gone-over with detail and old-fashioned elbow grease.  Proper cleaning will put a barrier between you and the contaminants.Think about places that come into contact with hands all the time such as, sink-faucet handles, microwave door handles, refrigerator door handles, water fountains, vending machine buttons, door handles.
  • These processes can be accomplished by using traditional cleaning products, biodegradable cleaning products, or toxin-free cleaning products. Any number of these products can kill the majority of a variety of bacteria.

A professional cleaning service can seem like an unnecessary expense, but
cleaning your own office space takes time away from work and money making.  Plus good workplace hygiene results in fewer sick employees, meaning more productive work days!

You take care of what you do best in your workplace, and we will take care of the rest by doing what we do best, cleaning.

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