HOA Cleaning Services You Can Depend On.

Maintaining a property, the offices, common areas, grounds, and facilities alike, are a top priority for any Homeowners Association. Happy clientele/residents being their top priority. Clean and clear hallways, sanitized commons areas, and an organized appearance create a positive environment for staff and residents. Putting all these components together make for a well-maintained space. To achieve this HOA’s must feel confident, and trust in their cleaning staff’s ability to provide professional and customized solutions for their specific property’s needs.


Getting Started

Here are simple questions to ask yourself when finding the right HOA Cleaning Service for your property

1. Can I trust them?

Bringing in licensed, bonded, and insured staff is step one for an HOA. Making residents feel safe when having people in their personal space and at varying hours builds trust with your residents.

2. Do they look professional?

Selecting a cleaning service that uses a uniformed team can make a big difference for your residents and your staff. It enforces your HOA’s professionalism, gives residents a feeling of security, as well as helps your staff easily identify who they can contact should you need an extra service that day.

3. Can they clean the office, the gym, and collect the trash from that far away corner too? 

You should expect a team that will care for the common areas residents share, clean trash cans, smoking areas, and seating areas, sanitize common bathrooms, pool areas, and hot tub areas. A clear and clean office space makes your staff areas professional in appearance. Clean floors, walls, and windows show attention to detail. When a client walks in, seeing a properly maintained workspace shows the living space will be maintained with equal care.

4. Will they go above and beyond when I need extra help?

You need a cleaning company that works for you! Onsite inspections, quality control, regular contact is a must. Meeting with your cleaning service to give precise requirements, setting your schedule, and getting/giving feedback should be an easy process. Each need should be met, whether that includes using only environmentally friendly products or some other particular preference, your directions should be met to the letter.

At Milan Cleaning Services we offer you all this and more. Our goal is to customize the cleaning to fit your needs. Whether it be cleaning your leasing office or a rec room, collecting trash from public receptacles or maintaining the areas around your pool, we can help you create a cleaning schedule and system that works with your specific property. We understand that sales and rentals move faster in well-maintained complexes. An HOA needs a company they can depend on to help them care for their current and potential residents’ space, so that people love their home. Need an extra service one day, or to add a cleaning in between scheduled visits, we can do that for you, all you ever have to do is give us a call and we’ll make sure your assigned team knows what you need.