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How Often Should School Facilities Be Cleaned?

Posted by admin on Jan 7th, 2022

Keeping school facilities clean is an important part of school safety. As many people share school buildings, they are places where diseases are more likely to spread quickly. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), "children, staff members, and visitors spend lots of time in school buildings," which means that "they might get sick if school buildings are not kept clean and disinfected" (CDC).

Cleaning prevents the spreading of certain more common diseases in school settings, including head lice, ringworm, and conjunctivitis. For these reasons and more, it's vital to always provide frequent daycare cleaning maintenance and prevent diseases and dirt with  school cleaning company experts in the field. 

Weekly & Daily Classroom Cleaning Checklist

Germs can breed in several locations inside a classroom. Books, workstations, whiteboards, shared materials, and even toys might become sick within seconds. This weekly and daily indicates how to keep germs at bay and realize a frequent daycare clean up:

Disinfect high-touch regions:

Clean the play areas, such as toy chests and bins, first.Clean the electronics. Cleaning the keyboard and phones and other educational equipment like iPads is necessary to hinder infections.

Clean the floors:

Carpets and hard surfaces like linoleum attract germs, especially in high-traffic areas such as classrooms, gyms, and cafeterias. Check if your janitorial staff does this step during their standard cleaning procedure.

Keep trash out of sight and dispose of it promptly:

Cloths or towels used for cleaning should be either washed or disposed of immediately. Avoid touching used tissues or other waste that might transmit germs to your skin while removing trash cans. To avoid the spread of germs, wash your hands straight after throwing away rubbish.

Major Points Of Concern For Cleaning

Here are some important cleaning school facility basic points to bear in mind throughout the cleaning schedule:

  • Walking paths
  • Floors and under tables
  • Ventilation grilles
  • Keep your plants free of dust and mold
  • Mapping key contact areas

Milan Cleaning Services Will Keep Students & Staff In Clean Areas All Year Long

Healthy schools are a must for any educational institution. Low-level bacteria, dust, and toxic chemicals can cause severe health problems. Our cleaning services in Los Angeles will provide professional cleaning services designed to be safe and thorough. With Milan Cleaning Services, you can ensure the safety of the students and their learning environment.