A name you can trust...

We have been providing quality-cleaning services in the Greater Los Angeles Area since 2003.  Our mission has remained the same, to provide impeccable personalized service that exceeds your standards on every visit.


Our Process

It all starts with a commitment to personal, personable and personalized service.

1. In-Person Estimates.

When you call Milan Cleaning Services our owner Mary, or one of her trusted supervisors visits your space for an in-person estimate.  We believe face-to face and on site estimates are the best way to express and determine your needs, create a customized cleaning plan, build trust and have a positive working relationship.

2. The First Visit.

The first time we visit your office or space we do a deep cleaning to get rid of every dust bunny, disinfect every surface and deodorize every room.  We make it look just like new.

3. Teamwork.

No matter the size, a team of two or more cleans every office, commercial site or space. Every team member brings something to the table, so we pair complimentary people together to create a super team that never misses a detail and always cleans to perfection. We will always try to maintain the same team or part of a team. That way someone who knows and understands your needs always cleans your site.

4. Just the Way You Like It.

Our systematic process, team of cleaning professionals, and commitment to quality service ensures your space is cleaned correctly each and every time. We are available weekly, monthly, one-time, or however often you need us. Have special instructions, prefer we use green products, or need something extra? Let us know what you need and we’d be happy to help!

5. Quality Control.

To ensure your cleaning team is performing at its best our supervisors personally inspect each space we service on a rotating basis, and we’ll let you and the team know when an area needs some extra elbow grease.  This way we can guarantee the highest quality.  Remember if you’re not satisfied with a cleaning just notify us within 24-hours of the cleaning and we will return to gain your complete satisfaction.