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Poorly Cleaned Bathrooms & The Risks You Need To Know

Posted by admin on Dec 14th, 2021

The average human will usually use the bathroom between six and seven times per day, just for urination. If you live in a crowded home or own a commercial property in San Fernando Valley, you must know how messy a bathroom can get with people coming in and out of it seven times each during a whole 24 hour period. It's no secret that bathrooms need to be cleaned regularly. Neglecting to clean your toilet, sink, and shower frequently can cause bacteria and mold to grow and spread. However, many property owners don't realize the risks of having a dirty bathroom. In this blog post, we'll discuss the dangers of not cleaning your bathroom and how to properly take care of it.

Here Are The Top 4 Consequences Of Unclean Bathrooms You Don’t Want To Deal With

  • Bacteria & Diseases

Bacteria can grow and multiply when you neglect to clean your bathroom – the toilet, sink, counters, floors. With all of those germs present, people either at work or home are more likely to get sick if they don't take precautions. Some of these illnesses could result in a loss of work for employees or hospitalization for your staff or customers when it comes to commercial property bathrooms.

  • Mold & Mildew 

Over time, dirt, grime, and mold can get into your tiles and grout if proper sanitization isn't taken care of on a regular basis. No one wants to go into a public bathroom or their own home to find that there's black mold growing in the corners of the shower or on the ceiling. Not only is it disgusting, but it can also be dangerous to your health.

  • Unpleasant Odors 

If your bathroom isn't properly cleaned, it's going to start smelling. This is a huge turnoff for potential customers and can give your business a bad reputation. Also, imagine trying to enjoy a meal or sleeping at home while a very unpleasant smell is coming out of your bathroom; quite impossible.

  • Non-tolerable Sight 

Take commercial property bathrooms for instance, customers shouldn't have to walk into a bathroom and be greeted by moldy showers, urine-filled toilets, scummy sinks, and other unsanitary objects. The first step for many people entering your building is going to the restroom, and if it looks like a health hazard, they may not even want to continue looking at your store or make a purchase.

Keep Your Bathrooms Nice & Clean

Now that you're aware of the consequences a dirty bathroom can have on your property, here are some tips for you to make sure that your bathroom stays spotless.

  1. Start by disinfecting all surfaces with a bleach-based cleaner
  2. Use special cleaning products for toilets, sinks, and showers
  3. Wipe down the shower or tub after each use
  4. Clean the toilet each time it is used to prevent the build-up of urine and other objects in the bowl
  5. Vacuum grout lines in your tile floor once per week to remove dirt and bacteria

If all this sounds like investing too much time and energy, you can always hire a professional bathroom cleaning company that performs both residential and commercial bathroom cleaning.

Get Your Bathrooms Looking Impeccable In San Fernando Valley

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