Always professional and customized to your business needs.

Commercial cleaning services are essential to keeping a business running smoothly and professionally. The operation of your business will be judged based on the cleanliness and appearance. Customers and clients will notice an unkempt office, shop, or commercial office building entry-way, restrooms, and leasing office. Using our Commercial Cleaning Services will keep your professional space as well-cared for as your personal space.

We work with large companies and small businesses, HOA’s, property management groups, realtors and more. Together we come up with a customized cleaning plan that works with your business needs.

All of the following services are performed expertly by our experienced, licensed, and bonded cleaning staff:


Commercial Services

  • Outdoor/Indoor Eating Area Maintenance

  • Clear, Empty & Remove all Trash and Receptacles

  • Restroom Cleaning, Sanitization & Daily Maintenance

  • Sweep, Vacuum & Mop all Floors

    • Deep floor and carpet cleaning available upon request

  • Cleaning and Maintenance of Outdoor/Indoor Public & Eating Areas

  • Top to Bottom Scrub Down & Deep Cleanings




Organizing Services


If you need your home or office organized, Milan Cleaning Services refers to only the best professionals that belong to NAPO

  • Home

  • Office