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The Step-By-Step Commercial Cleaning Process

Posted by admin on Dec 14th, 2021

Cleaning can be a daunting task for business owners. Not only do you need to keep your business site clean, but you also have to worry about running it. Luckily, commercial cleaning in San Fernando Valley has become an ally for all business owners in the area.

Commercial cleaning has been gaining a lot of popularity throughout the years. No business owner wants to give a bad experience to its clients with dusty counters and smelly bathrooms. This blog will explain the commercial cleaning steps and how you can benefit from each.

Disposing Of The Trash

Throughout the commercial cleaning procedure, garbage will start to pile up. These can go from pieces of paper to food residuals, depending on the room being cleaned. All wastes are picked up and placed inside garbage bags. Trash bins and cans are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with eco-friendly products, and new bags are placed.

Remember that trash has to be labeled and disposed of according to industry standards and laws. Plastics, paper, and cans can be separated for proper recycling. Hazardous items such as batteries, flammable liquids, and other contaminants must be disposed of in authorized areas.

Clean Glass Surfaces

Your merchandising strategy can be the best, but it won’t attract a soul with dirty glass windows. It turns out that using vinegar or glass cleaning products won’t be enough to keep your windows and doors nice and shiny. 

  • Commercial cleaning of glass surfaces includes:
  • Cleaning windows and doors in and out
  • Using high-pressure washing to eliminate any dirt residues
  • Window track and filter cleaning to make sure no corner or edge is left uncleaned
  • High-rise window cleaning

Cleaning Furniture Surfaces

If you’ve invested in quality furniture to make your business look the best, then this deserves the best care. Furniture surfaces can be very delicate depending on the material of each. You can’t clean wooden surfaces the way you’d clean upholstered furniture. 

Your products will have a better look by dusting shelves and display surfaces. If you have any sitting areas with couches, ottomans, or chairs, these have to be exclusively cleaned with soft foam for upholstered furniture and brushed to be able to lift all the dirt and eliminate any stains.

Floor Cleaning

Floors should be cleaned daily. Regardless of your type, dirt and debris will accumulate from all the people coming in and out of your property. Each type of floor is cleaned according to its indications. Most commercial floor cleaning needs to be done following precise indications, which may vary depending on floor types. 

Tiled floors, for instance, have to be swept and mopped thoroughly with exclusive tile products. Carpeted floors must be vacuumed, washed with a specially formulated mix, left to soak in, and then allowed to air-dry. Wooden floors have to be dusted and mopped with warm water and soap.

Item Restocking

After cleaning all surfaces, the next step is to restock products. Especially with bathroom products like toilet paper and soap must be refilled because they aid in everyday cleanliness. Nowadays, restocking products such as gel or liquid sanitizer has become very important, so this step ensures that all everyday use products are complete and in good condition.

Using The Correct Equipment 

This must be cleaned using high-quality products and equipment to ensure a healthy workspace. Commercial cleaning experts know exactly what products to use on every type of surface. 

Nowadays, most of these products are eco-friendly and have the same or even better results. Also, high-technology equipment is used for better cleaning, such as industrial vacuums with various nozzles to reach into the hardest corners and edges. These are things you wouldn’t find in your local supermarket.

Spotless Offices In San Fernando Valley

Commercial cleaning is ideal for business owners and managers who want to keep their environment clean and healthy for their employees and customers. At Milan Cleaning Services, we put all our effort into making your brand look its best and work its best. We use only top-of-the-line equipment and products to ensure a thoroughly sanitized and dirt-free room.

Our team of experts achieves customer satisfaction, which is why each of our office cleaning services is customized to fit every one of your needs. There isn’t a stain, smell, or dirt that we haven’t been able to defeat!